Is a Condition Report right for me?

How does this compare to other products?

A Condition Survey is a mid-range inspection and record of the current condition of a premises.  It differs from a Commercial Building Survey as it is normally less detailed and is not intended to diagnose or offer advice on any defects which may be revealed.

A Condition Survey, and the subsequent Schedule of Condition that is prepared from the inspection, is useful for a variety of reasons and can be tailored to the clients needs:

Reports may include:

  • A concise description of the construction and condition of the property
  • The identification of problems which are serious or require urgent attention
  • Future planned maintenance costs over a chosen period
  • Recommendations, concerns, further action
  • Information on items requiring further investigation
  • Information on problems which may be dangerous or pose a risk to the building

  • Clear and concise

    Clear and concise “snapshot” of the condition of your potential purchase

  • Key Risks

    Summary of the key risks associated with the purchase

  • Traffic Light coding

    Uses the Traffic Light coding system to rate individual elements of the property

  • Survey report

    A survey report that provides important guidance at an affordable price

How does this compare to other products?

Make sure that a Condition Report is the right product for you with our helpful product comparison guide.  Please refer to our ‘survey comparison table’

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